Is a keyless car pouch really useful?

Is a keyless car pouch really useful?

A keyless car pouch is one of the most common protection tools for modern car key fobs. It is a budget-friendly option for those who want to ensure safety. The extreme necessity of protection is because of the increased cases of theft. However, which is a better way to protect our property? It is a question that is widely discussed among automotive experts and owners. Today, let’s discuss how reliable and useful those bags are. As you know, there are several brands on the market, the quality differs and this makes it hard for us to make sure if they are worth buying or not.

 Before we question its usefulness, let’s discuss what an anti-theft key pouch is, where it came from, what drives the necessity of using them, and other issues related to it.

What is a keyless car pouch

It is known as a signal-blocking pouch that is used to store key fobs to protect them from unethical devices which are meant to fool cars and make it easy for crooks to steal them. Those bags are designed from the inspiration of the Faraday cage, which was named after its inventor Michael Faraday. People use bags for smartphones and credit cards to avoid hacking them for malicious purposes. So as it seems, this is a powerful tool not only for the safety of the automobile but it plays an important role in avoiding cyber dangers. 

Let’s get back to pouches that help protect fobs. The electronic lock system of modern automobiles needs protection because of its vulnerability to theft. There comes a necessity for these pouches that are made of flexible metallic fabric that acts as a blocker. Some varieties come in leather, as manufacturers say it is upgraded.

It is considered an affordable solution for everyone, but there are free alternatives that work according to the same principle. For example, wrapping key fobs in tin foil, and storing them in a microwave or fridge is a popular way of storing them.  All of them are homemade solutions that may seem smart at first sight, but inconvenient and unreliable on the other hand. Moreover, you can damage your fob if you employ those methods. On the other hand, a keyless car pouch is a compact and convenient way out when it comes to blocking RFID signals.

In the following paragraphs, we discuss what drives the need for protectors and the controversy related to them.

Keyless car theft – The ultimate need to take measures 

The keyless car is a very desirable model nowadays because of the comfort it offers to drivers. This technology avoids owners using a conventional key and even with the remote in a pocket they can lock and unlock automobiles. Additionally, they can benefit from various functions like starting the engine and managing windows and mirrors. However, it seems you need to pay the price for this comfort. Nowadays most keyless theft makes up 50 per cent of all stolen vehicles. According to insurance claims increase by 20 per cent each year between 2016 and 2019. 

Relay theft is also known as a two-thieve attack when a device is used to fool the automobile into thinking that the original fob is nearby. So, the auto is unlocked effortlessly. Criminals can start it remotely and run away. Every model with this technology is a major target of thieves. Some manufacturers try to strengthen security measures, for instance, they use the motion sensor in fobs, but it does not solve the issue completely. As an automotive expert says, it is just a short-term fix. Moreover, every model can be susceptible. Manufacturers develop technologies, simultaneously criminals find more sophisticated ways.

 As you see, fobs play a decisive role in this crime. Storing them wisely is vital to ensure good defense. The main goal of the anti-theft key pouch is to decrease the chance of relay theft. How effective is it? Does it always work well? The answers to those questions are controversial. Let’s see what are the strengths and weaknesses of it. 

What do experts think about the keyless car pouch?   

According to Thatcham Research’s chief officer, Richard Billyeald says that testing them before using them is necessary to make sure that it really works well. The fact that it is generally a good defender doesn’t automatically mean that the one you choose will be effective. If it doesn’t serve its purpose there is no point in using it. How to test it? When you purchase it, put the key in it and ensure that the car doesn’t unlock when you stand next to it. Billyeald added: “keyless entry is a convenience feature, so pouches and the like arguably remove the convenience such systems are designed to offer.” Needless to say, safety should be a priority, but it’s hard to compromise between comfort and safety. 

As Thatcham’s spokesperson claimed, they tested some pouches, there is a wide choice of them on the market and it is impossible to test them all. So, you have a choice: trust the manufacturer’s ads or check it yourself. Hope you do not choose the first. 

Tips to prevent keyless theft 

Apart from protecting the keyless car pouch, you can consider several suggestions and recommendations which help you discourage thieves from choosing your automobile as a target. Managing Director of car insurance company LV= Heather Smith said: “The police can only do so much, so it’s vital that drivers do everything they can to protect their vehicle, especially those driving a luxury or prestige car that is likely to attract attention”. The following tips will give you some ideas:

  • Park your auto in a garage, if possible. If you do not have one, choose well-lit areas. 
  • Never leave your valuables on the display. Crooks want not only your car but also cell phones, iPads, laptops, and purses, if they can see them from the window, it will be an additional motivation for the attack. 
  • Deactivate the fob, if possible. Read your owner’s manual and see if you can disable the electronic lock system. 
  • Check twice if you lock your windows and door when you park. 

Think about the better alternatives

The anti-theft key pouch is just one tool that tech-experts created to make keyless autos more difficult to steal. Some manufacturers offer it as a solution. For example, Kia offers a KiaSafe case to its customers who purchase its keyless model. Despite this fact, we should admit that it is not always reliable. There are various brands on the market that make it harder to choose the one that works flawlessly.

So, some owners choose another way to protect their rides. For instance, visible devices, such as an alarm. It acts as a warning and threat for criminals and they discourage them from messing with your defence system. The same effect has physical barriers like steering-wheel locks. Bear in mind that it is always a good idea to take responsibility and take care of your property as long as you can. If you already consider yourself that person who is constantly searching for innovative tools to strengthen measures, I have good news for you. Keep on reading to know what I mean. 

A Secure FOB

It is a user-friendly electronic chip that is for sale. All you need to do is to install it in the fob of the car, it covers the battery from both sides. When motionless, the chip will disconnect the battery to make sure that it doesn’t send radio waves without a necessity. It deactivates the key fob after 3 minutes of being motionless. The chip acts against signal extenders, which is a very popular device for criminals when they want to find the required frequency and mimic it to fool the automobile. 

The chip eliminates the need of using a keyless car pouch and other additional devices to ensure good defence. it will benefit you in various ways, such as extending the battery life. Battery drain is one of the common worries of car owners. 


So, I hope this was a helpful guide for you. We have discussed the usefulness of the anti-theft key pouch. As you see, it is one of the solutions but not universal. If you are searching for a product that offers flawless performance, you can buy that electronic chip that will exceed your expectations. Start thinking about safety now!

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