Understanding Relay Theft: The Modern Car Heist

Understanding Relay Theft: The Modern Car Heist

Understanding Relay Theft: The Modern Car Heist

Cars, over the years, have adopted technology to offer more convenience to users. Keyless entries and push-start ignition systems have particularly become standard in most modern cars. However, with this technological advancement comes new challenges, and relay theft stands out as the latest form of tech-savvy car theft.

What is Relay Theft? Relay theft, also known as 'relay attack', is a technique used by criminals to exploit vulnerabilities in keyless car entry systems. In a matter of seconds and without having to break into a house or physically access the key, thieves can gain access to vehicles and drive them away.

How Does It Work?

  1. Signal Search: Thieves work in pairs, with one holding a device near the car and another near the house, searching for signals from the key fob.
  2. Signal Amplification: The device near the house amplifies the key fob's signal, even if it's far from the car, tricking the car into thinking the key is nearby.
  3. Unlocked & Ready: With the amplified signal, the car unlocks, allowing the thief to start the vehicle and drive away.

The Growing Concern It's alarming how quickly and silently this theft occurs. Many victims only realize their vehicle is gone when they're about to leave for work or return to a spot they had parked. The absence of forced entry or broken glass often leaves them puzzled.

Protecting Your Vehicle Awareness is the first step towards prevention. Consider the following to reduce risk:

  • Store keys in a signal-blocking pouch.
  • Install motion-activated security lights around your driveway.
  • Invest in security devices like Secure Fob that are designed to combat relay theft.

Conclusion While technology has its merits, it also brings new challenges. By understanding relay theft and taking preventive measures, you can ensure that your vehicle remains safe from these new-age criminals.

With tech-savvy thieves on the rise, staying informed and proactive is the best defense. Secure your car, and keep the convenience of keyless entry without the associated risks.

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