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Relay car theft, has become a significant concern in North America. This method of vehicle theft is particularly alarming as it uses sophisticated technology to intercept and mimic the signal from a key fob, allowing thieves to access and drive away within minutes.

In recent years, vehicle theft in North America has reached alarming levels. In 2022, more than 1 million vehicles were reported stolen, and Canada saw a 50% increase of vehicle theft from 2021 to 2022.

Secure Fob works by employing a smart chip that continuously monitors your key's motion, allowing your key FOB to be active when it's needed and making it invisible to potential thieves when it's not.

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DIY Easy, 1 Time Installation

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24/7 Protection

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Works for All Fobs

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Endorsed By Insurance Providers

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Extends Battery Life

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Eliminates Relay Attacks

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Saves Money On Insurance

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Added Advantages Of Secure Fob

No uncomfortable bags or clunky boxes

Set It & Forget It - Don't have to remember to put it in a bag every day!

Seamless Protection 24/7 - Our Product Is Always Working!

Fast & Easy shipping North America Wide

Free Replacement Battery Included With Every Order

Customer Testimonials

I'm so glad I discovered Secure Fob. It lets me enjoy the benefits of a keyless fob without compromising the safety of my vehicle.

Emily C.

Installing the Secure Fob was really easy. I watched the instructional video they provided and was able to get it set up in about 5 minutes.

Andrew S.

As someone who remembers manual locks, I love the convenience of keyless entry. Secure Fob lets me keep that while protecting against high-tech thieves. Easy to use for a non-techie like myself.

Martin S.

How It Works

Secure Fob work by wrapping our smart chip around the battery of any vehicle key fob and it continuously monitors for motion.

After just 3 minutes of inactivity, our device kicks into action turning off the battery to the fob and then turning it back on when back in motion.

Simply put, your fob is active when you need it and invisible to thieves when it's not.

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In an era where convenience meets innovation, securing your keyless car system has never been more essential.

Don't leave the safety of your vehicle to chance.

Choose Secure Fob for state-of-the-art protection that keeps pace with technology — and ahead of threats. make the smart choice; safeguard your peace of mind today.