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All you need to know  about Relay Device

All you need to know about Relay Device

Relay device is a wide concept, however, this term gained special popularity when it became associated with keyless car crime. If you google this term, you may get easily confused because there are a variety of devices named this way. I’m sure you want to know what is a danger when it is used against your keyless system. Keyless technology embedded in the modern automobile provides more comfort and convenience rather than security. So, you can easily face safety problems because of negative statistics of theft. You may ask questions like  – Why are modern cars so vulnerable to theft? What do the manufacturers do to strengthen security? How do thieves manage to steal my auto even without having the key? As for manufacturers, their position is controversial, studies show that half of them are working to improve security, and another half do not even start realizing this issue seriously. You may find it interesting if I will tell you about what helps criminals to access your automobile. 

Let’s get down to business and find out about the relay car theft device, how does it function and how you can interfere with unethical usage of it. Keep on reading to find out more.

What is a Relay Device?

It is an electrical switch. It is used as a sensing and controlling device which makes and closes the contacts electronically or electromechanically. According to American National Standards Institute, there are device function numbers for an electric power system. Each number refers to different tools. Sometimes people confuse relay breakers and circuit breakers with one another. However, they serve a different purpose. Relay senses the fault signal and sends it to the circuit breaker, which makes the final decision to break the circuit. 

Apart from the above-mentioned definitions, I am going to talk about the relay theft device which is named after the latest method of automobile theft. Theft happens with the help of this tool. The main victims of this crime are the owners of keyless vehicles. Before we learn about the strategies for theft, let’s review how severe this problem is today. 

A keyless crime is rising

The automobile-related crime was always the reason for worry among owners. Statistics differ from year to year. For example, there was a peak of it in the 90s. At this time the most popular method was “hot-wiring”. However, it is impossible in modern keyless automobiles. At the initial stage of manufacturing keyless automobiles, there was a sign of decreasing crime rate. However, it doesn’t last long. Criminals found high-tech solutions to attack keyless automobiles. 

This kind of theft has risen dramatically in 2020 – the year of the global pandemic. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau report, there was a 9 percent increase over 2019. The cause of this increase is a subject of discussion, but mostly it was urged by the pandemic and economic downturn related to that. Various sources offer the lists of most desirable models. However, it is not a good indicator for you, because it’s hard to predict in advance what happens in a criminal’s mind. However, there is no need for prediction if you do not park your automobile in a secure place. Moreover, if you refuse to take proper measures for security, do not be surprised if you become the target.

Relay Device – how do thieves act with keyless automobiles

Stealing the automobile happens without using the physical key fob. They just need the proper equipment.  Thieves purchase Relay Device on any online market. Those are boxes that come in pairs. Two thieves act accordingly. One of them stands near the house or windows of the owner and tries to find the signal coming from the fob and the other stands close to the automobile. The first box reads the signal and “relays” it to the second box. As a result, the automobile opens, thinking that the fob is nearby. It just takes 2 minutes, the criminal starts the engine and leave the area as soon as possible.

The worst thing about the relay car theft device is that it doesn’t leave any trace. So, owners come across the inconvenience when police try to investigate the case. They do not find any signs of violence and suspect that the owner faked the theft to commit insurance fraud. So, you may find yourself the victim of the crime. In the worst-case scenario, you will need to address self-justification. 

How to protect yourself from Relay Device theft 

Firstly and most importantly,  use your common sense. Start with taking simple measures. You just need to be more careful when it comes to safety. Several recommendations make it easier for you to handle this problem. Consider the following tips:

  • Start thinking about security before you buy an automobile. If your chosen model does not satisfy the security standards, forget it and move to the more secure option. 
  • If you already own an automobile with a keyless locking system, check the owner’s manual to see how it can be deactivated. 
  • Choose where you park the car wisely. The garage is the safe alternative, but if you don’t have one, choose the well-lit driveaway.
  • Do not keep your key fob close to windows and doors. 

Some people address cheaper alternatives to combat theft. For example, they wrap the key fob in aluminum foil. The truth is that it is not a very reliable method, because it is not sufficient sometimes. Remember, you need to fight against the relay theft device, so make sure that you can block signals and interrupt the wireless connection between the key fob and the unethical tool at any rate.

In the era of internet-connected automobiles, you may find various apps that are specially created for the anti-theft purpose. With a help of mobile apps, it is possible to get the GPS coordinates, trace its route, open its doors, and start its engine. However, they serve their purpose until they are hacked. The most common apps were tested and it became clear that they are vulnerable to hacking. It’s enough for thieves to gain access to your mobile, it’s a matter of time to access an app installed.

How to protect key fob from attack 

As you can see the most important strategy against attacks is to take care of your keys. There are many options to block signals, but most of them are old-fashioned and unreliable. You can purchase special wallets and use tin cans but sometimes they allow radio waves to pass through. So, be ready for disappointment. On the other hand, if you want guaranteed safety, ensure that you use a powerful instrument against the Relay Device.

So, if you are searching for an innovative protection solution I have the best alternative to offer. The Secure FOB is a DIY chip that allows you to use keyless entry without worrying about security. All you need to do is install it in the fob. It covers the battery from both sides and with a motion sensor detects to turn the fob on/off. What does the chip do? It deactivates the key fob after 3 minutes of being motionless. The purpose is to act against a relay car theft device when you are doing any activity or resting at home.  It consists of a 3D motion sensor, LED indicator, microprocessor, and flexible base.

What makes it special?

The chip is a leading anti-theft device, but it is special in terms of additional benefits. So, it doesn’t only guarantee flawless security but also it can benefit you in another way. Believe it or not, it can extend your battery life. I’m sure sudden battery drain is quite annoying. Apart from it, it’s time-consuming when you have a busy schedule. Imagine that this problem will disappear with the help of this unique tool. 

As for compatibility, the chip is tested and compatible with all models with a keyless system, so you won’t come across any inconvenience. 


Thus, you get all the necessary information about the relay theft device. So you know how dangerous it can be in the hands of criminals. With a help of it, you can easily become a victim of theft. Moreover, it will be hard for you to blame someone because this device doesn’t leave a trace. As you can see this type of crime is the most undesirable, so you should do your best to avoid it. You can use common sense but that’s not enough. High tech crime needs a high tech solution. The solution is in front of your nose. Do not hesitate, your automobile deserves quality protection. Do you think so?

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