Secure FOB

Secure FOB

The best anti-theft solution for vehicles with a keyless system.
A simple, one-time, D-I-Y install in your fob that keeps your vehicle safe at all times.

Secure FOB

Secure FOB

The best anti-theft solution for vehicles with a keyless system.
A simple, one-time, D-I-Y install in your fob that keeps your vehicle safe at all times.

How Does Secure Fob Work?

Secure Fob works by employing a smart chip that continuously monitors your key's motion, allowing your key FOB to be active when it's needed and making it invisible to potential thieves when it's not.

What are the Benefits?

Secure Fob blends convenience with robust security in an increasingly interconnected world.

  • Advanced Technology

    Secure Fob uses a smart chip that detects when your keys are idle, making it an intelligent solution to modern-day relay thefts. This innovative technology makes it stand out in the market.

  • Effortless Security

    It automatically puts the key fob to sleep after 3 minutes of inactivity, effectively eliminating the risk of tech-savvy thieves stealing your car. Power is instantly restored as soon as you touch your keys, making the entire process seamless and hassle-free.

  • Convenience

    Unlike other anti-theft solutions, Secure Fob does not require you to place your keys in a box, a bag, or hardwire anything into your vehicle. This ensures you can enjoy the convenience of your keyless system without any disruptions or additional steps.

  • Vehicle Warranty Safe

    Since it isn't hardwired into your vehicle, it doesn't void your vehicle's warranty, unlike some other solutions on the market.

  • Cost-effective

    Secure Fob offers high-grade security without a high-grade price tag, making it an affordable solution for all car owners.

  • Adaptability

    It's designed to work with a broad range of keyless entry systems, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for keyless vehicle owners.

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About Secure Fob

In an age where technology advances every second, the convenience of our daily lives is continually enhanced. We've welcomed these changes, from smart homes that respond to our voice to cars that start with a simple push of a button. However, these advancements have also given rise to a new breed of tech-savvy thieves, threatening the security of our beloved vehicles.

Imagine a world where you don't need to constantly worry about the safety of your vehicle. A world where your keyless car fob isn't an open invitation to potential thieves, but a safeguard, a protector of your cherished vehicle. This is the world Secure Fob promises.

Secure Fob began as an idea sparked by a simple yet pivotal question - "How can we make keyless entry systems foolproof against tech-savvy thieves?" This question became our mission, leading to months of research, development, and relentless testing to create a revolutionary product that blends convenience with security seamlessly.

Secure Fob is not just a product; it's the result of our passion for driving and our commitment to securing what matters most to you. It features a smart chip, a silent guardian, that monitors your key's motion. Once your keys are idle for 3 minutes, it powers down the key fob, making it invisible to relay-theft techniques. The magic doesn't end there; the moment you touch your keys, power is restored instantly, ensuring convenience isn't compromised for security.

Secure Fob's story is one of innovation, peace of mind, and uncompromised convenience. It's about reclaiming the joy of owning a keyless entry vehicle without the fear of it being stolen. As we journey into a more secure future, we invite you to join us. Embrace Secure Fob, where security meets convenience. Together, let's put the brakes on keyless theft.


  1. Universal Compatibility: Secure Fob is an ideal anti-theft choice for all vehicles with keyless systems, embracing diversity in makes and models.
  2. DIY Friendly: Perfect for car enthusiasts, Secure Fob offers an easy do-it-yourself installation process that takes less than 5 minutes on your key fob.
  3. No Tools Required: Secure Fob installation doesn't necessitate any extra tools or modifications to your car, meaning there's no soldering or cable cutting involved.
  4. Battery Life Extension: With its low power consumption (1uA), Secure Fob not only secures your vehicle but also significantly extends the battery life of your key fob.
  5. Resilient in Varied Conditions: Secure Fob is designed to withstand humidity and temperature extremes ranging from -40 to +85°C, ensuring consistent performance in diverse conditions.
  6. Instant Connectivity: Upon movement detection, Secure Fob swiftly restores connection without any delay, ensuring your keyless system is ready when you are.


At Secure Fob, we place utmost importance on delivering exceptional quality and universal compatibility. Our device is rigorously tested across a wide array of vehicles equipped with keyless systems. This ensures not only a seamless user experience for you but also confirms that Secure Fob is a reliable guardian for nearly all keyless vehicles.

How Install & Test Secure Fob

Secure Fob is a simple chip that is inserted from both sides of the battery. If you have ever replaced the battery of the key fob, you can install the chip without the help of the technician. Alternatively, you can review the video of changing the battery for your specific auto. Vehicle user’s manual always contains such information and if you cannot find the video you can always refer to it. In order to install it, simply place the mounted part of the chip from the + pole of the battery and it will act as a conductor. In some instances, they may not fit together and you may have to change the battery to a slimmer option to fit it with the chip (e.g. CR2032 instead of CR2450).

  • Free Shipping

    Enjoy free delivery on any orders over $100 in North America.

  • 2 Year Warranty

    We stand by the quality of our product, which is why Secure Fob comes with an extended 2 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. for your peace of mind.

  • Fast Delivery

    We prioritize getting Secure Fob to you as quickly as possible. Expect your order to leave our warehouse within 1-2 business days via UPS.

  • Superior Quality

    Secure Fob is developed and expertly crafted in Europe, guaranteeing you a high quality and lasting product.

Secure Fob: Your Ultimate Solution for Unparalleled Vehicle Theft Protection

Secure Fob offers a simple, do-it-yourself installation process that only involves the key fob. It's compatible with all vehicles equipped with a keyless system.

  • Universal Anti-Theft Solution

    Secure Fob is compatible with all vehicles equipped with a keyless system, providing seamless protection without causing any disruptions or inconvenience.

  • Effortless Installation

    Installing Secure Fob is a simple, do-it-yourself task. Just remember, you'll need one unit for each key fob, including your backup.

  • Energy-Efficient Design

    With its low power consumption, Secure Fob ensures your key fob's battery life is maximized.

  • Continuous Security

    The key’s battery is disconnected 3 minutes after the last movement of the Fob.

    Secure Fob provides constant protection by automatically disconnecting the key's battery three minutes after the last detected movement of the fob 
  • Instant Activation

    Secure Fob safeguards your key fob by locking it when idle and immediately reactivating it at the detection of any movement. Don't forget to install Secure Fob on both your primary and backup key fobs for comprehensive protection.

  • Unhindered Operation

    Once the Secure Fob chip is installed, your keyless system operates smoothly and without any limitations.

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