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Why Enhanced Security Features Are Now a Must: The Insurance Industry's Response to Relay Theft

The recent spike in car thefts, especially those involving relay theft techniques, has caused quite a stir in the auto insurance industry. With insurance companies now imposing surcharges of up to $500 for owners of vehicles commonly targeted, enhanced security measures are not just an option—they're a necessity. This blog explores the insurance industry's reaction to the escalating rates of relay theft and how Secure Fob can be a game-changing solution for you.

Insurance Industry's Stance on Relay Theft

According to a recent Globe and Mail article, Canadian insurers like CAA Insurance, Gore Mutual Insurance, and Aviva Insurance Company have begun to implement surcharges for vehicles that are most often targeted in relay thefts. Notably, these cars are generally 2019 models or newer and include popular brands such as Honda, Ford, and Lexus.

The Cost to You

If you own one of these high-risk vehicles, you may be looking at a surcharge unless you opt for enhanced security features. The fee could even exceed $500 if current auto theft levels continue to rise. While installing digital tracking systems may partly reimburse or waive the charge, these devices aren't as effective in preventing theft in the first place.

Why Secure Fob is a Must-Have

That's where Secure Fob comes in. Our product specifically targets the problem of relay theft. After 3 minutes of inactivity, Secure Fob disables your car's key fob battery, making it completely inactive and impervious to relay theft methods. When you're ready to drive, any movement reactivates your fob instantaneously.

Easy Installation and Affordability

Installing Secure Fob is a breeze. Just insert the Secure Fob sensor into your key fob's battery, and you're good to go. Plus, it's an affordable solution that can not only prevent car theft but could also save you from paying a hefty insurance surcharge.


In the wake of increasing car theft rates, adopting enhanced security features isn't just smart—it's financially savvy. Secure Fob provides an easy, affordable, and highly effective way to protect your car from relay theft, potentially saving you hundreds in insurance surcharges.

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