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The Rising Cost of Car Theft: How Secure Fob Can Save You Money

In recent years, the increasing rates of car theft have become a hot topic, not just among car owners but also among insurance companies. According to a recent Globe and Mail article, insurance companies have started applying surcharges of up to $500 for customers who own commonly stolen vehicles. This growing financial burden is the industry's response to what has been termed as a "national crisis" in Canada—car thefts have surged to alarming levels, costing insurers over $1 billion last year alone.

What Is Relay Theft?

Relay theft is a modern method that allows thieves to amplify the signal from your key fob, often from right inside your home, to gain access to your car without breaking a window or hot-wiring it. The car essentially thinks you’re using your key fob to enter it, allowing thieves to take off with your vehicle in mere seconds.

The Financial Consequences

While some insurance companies are offering to waive the fee if vehicle owners install a digital tracking system, these are not foolproof against preventing theft. They are more useful for recovering a vehicle once it has been stolen. That means that you, the owner, could still face a range of inconveniences and costs, including the loss of personal items, stress, and even potential increases in future insurance premiums.

Secure Fob to the Rescue

Enter Secure Fob. Our cutting-edge technology can safeguard your car against the very relay theft techniques that are responsible for up to 60% of car thefts in some cities. How? Secure Fob automatically disables your key fob's battery after 3 minutes of inactivity. This renders the fob completely "turned off" and immune to any attempts at relay theft. Once you’re ready to drive, any movement instantly activates the fob, allowing you to unlock and start your car as usual.

Ease of Installation and Affordability

What sets Secure Fob apart is its ease of installation. You can simply place the Secure Fob sensor into your key fob's battery compartment, and you're all set. No special tools or technical know-how are required. Plus, with several budget-friendly options, Secure Fob is an investment in peace of mind that won’t break the bank.


As insurance companies pass on the burden of rising car theft rates to consumers, you don’t have to be left defenseless. With Secure Fob, you have a proactive, affordable solution to protect your vehicle against relay theft, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in surcharges. Visit Secure-Fob.com to find out how you can arm yourself against this growing epidemic.

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