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How to avoid keyless car theft

How to avoid keyless car theft

Keyless car theft is one of the biggest problems in the era of technological advancement. Needless to say, it is tempting to own a keyless automobile. It is convenient and comfortable when you don’t need a physical key.

You just need to have a key fob in your pocket. All of this sounds satisfying, but bear in mind that your automobile can become more vulnerable to theft. How does it happen? 

What can you do to avoid it? What measures should you take for safety?

Is there advanced technology for protecting your automobile? I’m sure you want to know the answers to these questions because you own a brand-new car with a keyless entry. So, you want to ensure safety and enjoy all the benefits of it. Keep on reading to know more about keyless entry car theft and what measures should you take to prevent it.

What can you do against keyless car theft?

Yes, prevention from keyless car theft is possible. You can search for various solutions starting from physical protection to advanced security systems. Police are also meant to ensure safety and prevent this crime. However, they can only give you the warning to take extra measures to ensure you stay one step ahead of criminals who may try to snatch your possession. There are many methods to protect yourself, but most of them are old-fashioned. Some people use the alarming system, tracking, or use materials available on the market called- faraday pouch which is meant to block the signal. Some people prefer adding physical barriers, like steering wheel locks. Moreover, disabling keyless entry is another solution for some.

The simple truth is that all the above-mentioned methods are out–of–date. They can ensure protection but it is not guaranteed if your prestige automobile deserves attention and thieves are extremely motivated. Below I will tell you the best protector on the market, which never disappoints you and your automobile.

What is a keyless entry system? 

Keyless technology became standard in modern vehicles. Basically it allows to do anything that is possible with the key. For instance this will be turning ignation on, turning the heating system in advance.

One of the features of it is that It allows you to unlock the doors when you are nearby the automobile and lock it automatically when you leave it. Hence, it happens without the handling of the key, you just make sure that you have it in the pocket. Keyless systems work using radio signals, that are coming from the automobile and a key fob that searches for those signals.

How do thieves steal your car?

According to Dailymail,  Keyless theft accounts for about 50 percent of all vehicle thefts. Your luxury automobile is prone to become a part of these statistics.  Keyless entry theft,  also known as a relay attack is when an attacker steals your automobile without possessing the key fob. They use simple devices which are on sale online. There are two common ways of hacking the automobile:

In this case, thieves work in pairs, they have a special device- called a signal extender. One of them stands close to the target house and amplifies the signal coming from the key, the other stands close to the automobile and gets this signal, so the automobile is fooled, thinking that the key is nearby. So, crook gets in, repeats the same process, and start the automobile.

A device transmitting the same radio signals as a key fob is used to jam the signals that lock the automobile. Hence, when the owner presses the lock button, this tool interferes and prevents the command from reaching the automobile, so the door remains open.

What is the best anti-theft protection solution?

If you are looking for the best solution to prevent keyless entry car theft, I have good news for you. You can find an innovative and user-friendly chip called a keyless protector, that allows you to enjoy the keyless entry option without worrying about security. All you need to do is install it in the key fob and enjoy all the benefits it offers. It’s the best alternative against the signal booster, which makes it easier for thieves to harm you.

You just need to have a key fob in your pocket. All of this sounds satisfying, but bear in mind that your automobile can become more vulnerable to theft. How does it happen?

Why you should own a keyless Defender?

We offer the keyless defender which exceeds your expectations in terms of security. It’s tested and compatible with all makers. Moreover, it extends battery life drastically. Hence, reliability is guaranteed at any rate. A premium-quality product makes your life easier. It acts as a blocking tool against unethical devices and prevents keyless theft. It consists of a 3D motion sensor, LED indicator, microprocessor, and flexible base. For instance, it effectively deactivates the key fob when it is motionless to make sure that thieves cannot steal your car when you sleep.

Remember, having a reliable security system is crucial to saving time and money. Less protected cars are not cost-efficient when it comes to insurance. Your premium goes up when the company discovers that you don’t have reliable anti-theft protection.


Thus you get all the necessary information about precautions against keyless entry theft. You know that the risk of becoming a victim of keyless car theft is high. However, a high-tech solution is right in front of your nose. You can strengthen protection when theft is on the rise with this compact chip. Now it’s up to you!

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