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How to deactivate stolen car key fob

How to deactivate stolen car key fob

What do you do when you want to deactivate stolen car key fob? If you haven’t thought about it already, it’s high time to think about it. When you face the fact, it’s too late. You should be ready for this stressful situation and have the plan to handle this problem. You may wonder, why do criminals need to steal key fobs when they have the technology that allows them to snatch your car without touching your fob. The point is that criminals employ various ways to attack your property, so you never know in advance what will be their strategy. If they take advantage of your inattentiveness and take your key you should consider disabling it as soon as possible. 

Let’s get down to business and discuss what bad consequences you should expect from losing it and find out ways to deactivate stolen key fob if necessary.  

Why do I need to deactivate stolen car key fob

Keyless vehicle crime is on the rise. You shouldn’t escape from this fact. To put it simply, it doesn’t take an individual’s effort to stop criminals. All you can do is strengthen security. If we look through various methods of theft, just one protection mechanism is not enough. When it comes to keyless technology, you may think that you should protect your transponder and that will solve problems. You should have more than one defence mechanism to avoid becoming the next target. 

If you take measures against the relay attack, you may ignore the danger of stealing your fob, because you know that criminals can attack your auto without your key. However, things change if they decide to organize a cloned key attack. What does it mean? It means that they wait for a moment to steal your key. Criminals have a special device – a duplicator, that allows them to create a separate fob with the same information, which means that they can gain access to the targeted vehicle any time they want. Wrongdoers return the key in its place as soon as possible and owners do not even realize what happened. 

If you are lucky and realize soon that someone stole it from you, you should know how to deactivate a key fob or what measures you should take to avoid becoming the victim of such an attack. At least you need to know how to keep a close eye on your property. 

What to do when the key is stolen? Should I deactivate stolen key fob? 

Search the territory

Before you start blaming someone for stealing your key, make sure that you don’t lose it. in most cases, when people put the keys in an unusual place and then forget this place. It causes misunderstanding. You do not need an unnecessary alarm. So, search the area well before you panic!

Call the police

Fill out a police report. Try to remember every detail that may be important for investigation. Try to remember someone who can be especially motivated to commit this crime. Police involvement is also important for the insurance company. 

Do not forget to update authorities if you incidentally find your key. 

Contact your insurer

Informing your insurance provider is one of the first things you should do. They can deny compensation if you are late. You do not have a guarantee that they cover your expenses. It depends on various circumstances, for example, it’s common that they cover if the loss comes from a peril covered under the policy. So, you can’t be sure what they will do in this case. One thing is for sure, your claim should be valid. Do not let them think that you are committing insurance fraud.

Take urgent measures 

Before the police investigate the case you should not waste your time. I mean you should gain control of your automobile’s safety. Here comes the need to deactivate stolen key fob. When it comes to this process you can do two things: delete your existing keys from the system and replace the old key with the new one.

Deleting keys from the system 

If there is a chance that your key is in the wrong hands, deleting it from the system is the best decision. Before you start the process, make sure that you can do it properly. You should consider what kind of security system you have. For instance, deleting the fob from the touchscreen panel is different from a hardwired system with an alphanumeric keypad.

Replacing fobs

When you have a keyless automobile, there’s no point in changing locks. You should change your fob and reprogram it. you can call your local locksmith, it is an affordable option. “If you have a car that was built within the last five years, a new-car dealer will usually be your best bet when you need a replacement key fob, due to the expensive programming equipment that is required,” says John Ibbotson, Consumer report’s chief mechanic.

You have another option if your vehicle is able to self-programmer – to do it yourself. Firstly, you should find out if it is possible. check your owner’s manual, there is a section where you can find out this information. If you are confident about yourself, just follow the instructions and do it accordingly. It is quite a time-consuming task, so be patient. You may guess that this is the best way to deactivate stolen key fob.

deactivate stolen car key fob tips 

If you own a Toyota and lose your remote, take your auto to the dealership, and let them reprogram your additional fob. So, the old one will not work. Remember, the wrongdoer can still open the door but the alarm goes off. 

The same method will work in the case of other manufacturers such as Honda, Ford, and Nissan.

Can I track my lost keys?

Some models have in-built tracking devices, which make this process easier. If it is unavailable in your case, luckily, there are many third-party options that you can address. You should choose the one you want.

Owner’s worries related to keyless cars 

As we discussed before, keyless technology is prone to becoming the target of criminals in other ways. To put it simply, criminals can hack vehicles with unethical devices that allow them to relay the signal. This crime is known as relay theft. today this type of attack comprises half of the auto theft. so, here you need to know how to deactivate a key fob. You can check your manual and see a way to switch off the keyless feature. Many people behave like that at night when there is a high chance of crime. 

To tell the truth, it’s not always desirable for owners to disable this feature, because it is associated with comfort and convenience. Additionally, you have bigger worries than “I want to deactivate stolen car key fob” for example, you are searching for the best solution to prevent hacking.  If it is really so, I have good news for you. 

A Secure FOB

This innovative and user-friendly chip is designed to act against signal extenders that are tools used in relay attacks. All you need to do is install the chip and enjoy the amazing benefits it offers. How does it work? It deactivates fobs after 3 minutes of being motionless. It consists of a 3D motion sensor, LED indicator, microprocessor, and flexible base.

So, the chances of becoming the victim of keyless theft are bigger, which means that you do not need to deactivate stolen key fob. Instead, you need to make sure that you protect the transponder properly.


Thus, you get information about the various situations you may come across. You may lose your key, it can be picked by individuals and used against you. In the worst-case scenario, someone may attack your automobile effortlessly with the help of signal amplifiers. At any rate, knowing how to deactivate a key fob will be a great help to you. As you read there are several measures you need to take in order to ensure it. Do your best to prevent wrongdoers from messing with your property!

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