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Key fob relay attack prevention

Key fob relay attack prevention

Key fob relay attack is a common issue for people who owns a car with a keyless entry system. This technology is one of the benefits manufacturers offer to consumers because it is associated with comfort and convenience. Who does not want to simplify life without thinking of accidentally leaving an automobile unlocked? I guess we are striving forward to get the most out of technological advancement. Keyless go is the part of the advancement so, we don’t want to refuse it because of the danger of stealing our automobiles. Don’t be pessimistic, there are many ways to protect yourself and ensure safety. The point is to find the one that meets your requirements. 

So, if anti-theft protection is the number one priority for you, keep on reading, I am going to discuss dangers coming from attackers and offer you a reasonable solution that makes your life easier.

What is a key fob relay attack? 

Relay attack key fob is a common tactic of thieves, using an electronic device that amplifies signals coming from your key fob and transmits it is over a distance to another device which is near the automobile. 

Hence, a vehicle is fooled, thinks that the key is nearby. So, for this kind of attack, two thieves are necessary. It just takes two minutes and a so-called signal extender tool to snatch your automobile. Trust me, this tool is easy to find on sale. So, criminals don’t hesitate to invest in those devices to take hold of your possession effortlessly.

Do you overthink where you store your key fob?

When it comes to fighting against a key fob relay attack, the most popular advice you can read out from the internet is to protect your key bob physically. It means to buy a special wallet called a faraday box or use physical barriers in your automobile. 

The first and most important recommendation is to put your key fob as far as possible from the automobile when you are at home. Sometimes it’s hard to do because your automobile and key fob can communicate at a greater distance. many owners claim that these communications result in battery drain or some battery-related problems. 

If you are tired of overthinking about keeping keys correctly and at the same time want to ensure security, I have good news for you. let me introduce you to the innovative chip – Secure FOB– the great solution for any auto owner.

Which are targeted automobiles?

The short answer can be – any. statistics are arguable but most of them claim that automobiles with keyless technology are vulnerable to theft. It doesn’t mean that crime doesn’t happen in other situations, but let’s be honest, we expect more from modern technologies.

As for targeted vehicles, naturally, luxury models are in the first place. However, criminals do not refuse cheaper models. If we look through the list of most stolen cars in America, we conclude that there is no particular pattern and it is hard to predict which automobile become the target. According to Reader’s Digest, Ford pickup, Honda Civic, Chevrolet Pickup, Honda Accord and Toyota Camry take leading positions. As for a keyless relay attack, CBC says that in 2019, 100 Toyota were driven right out of their owners’ driveways for resale in the middle east.

The best solution for fighting against relay attack key fob

A Secure FOB is an electronic chip that is installed in the key fob and covers the battery from both sides and the motion sensor detects the motion to turn it on or off. It is specially designed as a blocker for keyless boosters which are widely used for hacking, they interfere with communications between automobile and key fob, mimic signals and help criminals for a keyless relay attack.

What are the benefits of a Secure FOB?

Protector is an outstanding invention against a key fob relay attack because it acts against the unethical device participating in this attack. It consists of a 3D motion sensor, LED indicator, microprocessor, and flexible base. It effectively deactivates the key fob when it is motionless to make sure that crooks cannot steal your car when you sleep.

Moreover, it offers additional benefits, chip can extend the lifespan of the batteries. As we discussed, many motorists name battery drain as a problem with a keyless fob.

So, we offer an extraordinary product which is superior to other alternatives in terms of simplicity and effectiveness. 


Thus you get all the necessary information about the relay attack key fob and the vulnerability of automobiles against high-tech tools. You already know that criminals intend to use them to snatch your automobile in 2 minutes. However, you also know how to prevent it effectively. Purchase the innovative chip and enjoy all the benefits it offers. You deserve a secure automobile! stop keyless relay attack!

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