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Keyless entry car installation – a guide

Keyless entry car installation – a guide

Keyless entry car installation – is a smart solution for those who are thinking about making their automobile more comfortable and convenient. Owners who purchase brand-new autos enjoy the benefits of this technology. However, in older models, you do not see this function. The good news is that you can install it. But before Keyless Entry Installation, there are a lot of things to consider. You should choose the right kit, which will satisfy your needs. Apart from that, you need to decide if you do it yourself or seek a professional who does that for you. Do not ignore security issues, be informed and realize what are downsides of having advanced technology in your car.  So, you should think carefully about everything before you make a final decision. Furthermore, you need a comprehensive guide where you learn everything from top to bottom.

Keep on reading to learn more about the technology, what is it, how it performs, and what makes this technology special and extremely beneficial. You will learn all you need to know about the topic. Let’s get started!

What is a keyless entry?

It is an electronic lock that controls access to a building or vehicle without using a physical key. It originally meant a lock controlled by a keypad and it was necessary to enter a certain code. Now it activates as soon as you touch it. This system is available in particular Ford models. 

Let’s see how it functions. The keyless remote contains a short-range radio transmitter, it must be near the automobile, at about 5-20 meters distance. So it sends an encrypted signal to the receiver which locks or unlocks the automobile.  There are two types of this system: active and passive. The difference between them is how the system disarms. For example, the system disarms as soon as the active system sends the signal to the receiver in the automobile. As for the passive system, it is necessary to get a response signal from the key for disarming. 

Nowadays, most cars come with this feature, Autobytel lists the most popular models with keyless entries. They are: Nissan Versa, Jeep Renegade, Toyota Tacoma, Mazda MX-5 Miata. Chevrolet Malibu, Toyota Prius. Kia Sedona. Dodge Durango.

How do I know if my automobile has this feature?

If you want to know if you have it, read your owner manual, particularly the part where features are listed. If you do not find it, you can download it from the manufacturers’ website. 

The second and easiest way is to look at the passenger’s door, if you do not see the keyhole, it means you have this technology embedded in a vehicle.

Can I do keyless entry car installation myself?

The short answer is – yes. The point is that Keyless Entry System Installation is not an easy process. There are certain things to consider. You can be confident before you do that. Those systems are very hard and often contain other features like alarm, ignition and so on. All models are different from each other, they have particular wiring, so you need to learn everything carefully from the manual before you make connections.

Besides, before moving to business, pick your options, what are you expecting from it: single-door unlock or multi-door unlock, alarm, connection to the smartphone and so on. 

I want a keyless entry car installation without power locks -can I do it?

The short answer is – yes. To put it simply, keyless entry installation is still possible if you have manual locks, they can be converted into a keyless entry.You just need to follow the instructions. It will be good if you can read the circuit diagram. 

So, if you are confident in yourself, read the step-by-step instructions and get ready to install advanced features in your automobile.

Keyless Entry System Installation instruction

Get ready

Before moving to detailed instruction, consider some recommendations. Firstly, make a smart choice. What do I mean? Try to find a compatible option for you, you should consider the automobile’s brand and model when purchasing in the online shop. Read the reviews, ask a friend or dealer, and narrow down your options. If you are going to do it yourself, check if it is user-friendly. Imagine you have already purchased the desirable one, now it’s time to pick everything you need for keyless entry car installation. Pick the product manual and tools you will need. You will need hardware such as a wire cutter and stripper, electrical tape, clamps and harnesses, and soldering iron. 


Mind disconnecting the automobile’s battery. Keep in mind that you should work with electricity, so make sure that you don’t make mistakes.

Identify the locking mechanism. Every maker and model may have a locking mechanism located differently. If you look at the driver kick panel, you find this mechanism and wires you need to connect. 

Access and connect wires. Identify the wires, some are responsible for locking and some for unlocking the auto. Make connections correctly. The most important is to make connections depending on colors. Colors may vary, so be careful and check the wiring diagram carefully. If you don’t have one, search online or ask the manufacturer. After you finished everything, close the panel. 

Test the results. After you have finished, it’s time to examine the results. Make sure that you have done everything correctly. 

Time to program some functions. As we already mentioned, this technology serves various functions, which you can get through programming. Those features are: door unlock pulse, ignition controlled door locks, chirp mode, ignition trigger feature and the passive starter defeat enable.

What is the difference between having central locking and keyless technology?

If you have a manual central lock, you can lock 4 doors at the same time when you lock your driver’s side door. On the other hand, after keyless entry car installation, you should press the Lock button key to lock all doors simultaneously.

Do I come across security issues?

Needless to say, advanced technology in your automobile makes your life convenient and comfortable. Have you ever thought about security issues?  According to the latest statistics, this technology makes cars vulnerable to theft. Criminals easily find a way to break into. Moreover, snatching those high-tech vehicles may be easier than older models with traditional keys. What makes it easy for crooks? The point is that they only need to be near the key fob with a small device and a second piece of the device should be near the automobile door. The first one catches the signal and relays it to the receiver. So the automobile is tricked to think the key is nearby. The worst thing is that those extenders are available in all online stores. 

As for manufacturers’ positions, it seems that they haven’t done anything that will protect owners from this kind of attack. So, the owners are searching for ways to protect themselves. The most popular options are special wallets and boxes, where they put keys. 

I suggest you use your common sense, park your automobile in protected areas and do not put your key near the door or windows. But, if you are searching for a more advanced option, I have good news for you. In the following paragraph, I will tell you about the smartest alternative, which allows you to enjoy the comfort of keyless Go and simultaneously have high-level protection.

The best security option for your key fob 

According to the above-mentioned, safety starts with the protection of your key fob. An innovative DIY chip called a Secure FOB is designed to guarantee flawless security. This is a great tool against signal boosters. How does it work? It covers the battery from both sides and with a motion sensor detects to turn the fob on/off. It deactivates the key fob after 3 minutes of being motionless. It consists of a 3D motion sensor, LED indicator, microprocessor, and flexible base. The chip is a great solution when it comes to advanced protection. 

If you want Keyless Entry Installation and therefore add comfort to your life, do not hesitate because of protection issues. Remember, this chip will solve security issues at any rate. 


So you get all the necessary information about upgrading your automobile with the help of modern technology. You already know how comfortable and convenient it can be. If you are an enthusiast and confident in your abilities you can do it, just need to follow how-to instructions. If you are not sure, just google Keyless Entry System Installation near me and choose the reasonable option for you. But bear in mind safety issues and be ready for proper defense against wrongdoers. Let’s agree on that, safety comes first!

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