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Keyless Go – When technology meets comfort

Keyless Go – When technology meets comfort

Keyless Go is a drive authorization system that allows you to lock or unlock your vehicle, open or close the windows, and start or turn off the engine without holding a key in your hands. All you need is to press only 2 buttons (we will get into that in detail soon) – as simple as that! 

We live in a new era where one finger touch on a button can change the whole world. Thanks to technology, people can do things that nobody would ever consider possible decades ago. And when it comes to technologies, the car industry has something special for you to offer. These unique features make driving much easier. Customers’ comfort and convenience are the main reason why all major car manufacturing companies such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, BMW, Dodge and others are integrating their new vehicles with such functions.

This innovative technology is becoming super popular day by day and it has already gained its well-deserved place in the automobile industry. Would you like to get more information about how it works in practice? Look through the sections below and you will find out everything you need to know about it.

What is the difference between Keyless Start (KS) and Keyless Go (KG)?

Before we jump to the explanation of how the whole system works, we need to distinguish between KeylessGo (KG) and Keyless Start (KS). Both technologies have a special feature that makes it possible to drive your car without using an actual key. However, KG is an upgraded version and has some additional functions. Here is the difference: 

  • Keyless Start – also known as keyless ignition, enables the driver to start the engine with a simple press of the button. First, you need to step on the brake and then push the Start/stop button next to your dashboard. To turn off the engine – shift into the park mode and then push the Start/Stop again. This feature saves both your time and your nerves at the same time.
  • Keyless Go – has an upgrade compared to Keyless Start. When you approach your vehicle, depending on car production companies, you will find a small button on the car handle or a sensor next to the door handle. Pressing it will unlock all the doors for you. Once you get in, the remote ignition option allows you to start the engine without the key. All you need to do is simply step on the brake pedal and push the Start button. Do you know that you can also close the windows or a sunroof from the outside? Some manufacturers added an extra feature to make their products exclusive. Once you park a car and close all the doors and the trunk, touch the sensor on the door handle. At first, it will lock the doors and then it will close the windows and sunroof for you.

How does Keyless Go work?

To make KeylessGo technology workable on real-life occasions, the system uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). This means that process requires a component that receives the radio signals. This essential part is your Key Fob. Therefore, in order to establish the connection with your vehicle, you should have it with you – for example, in a pocket or a bag.

As soon as you are within the 1.2-2-meter range with the car, PKE (Passive keyless entry) enters the game. The PKE device and the vehicles use transceivers for establishing wireless connections with each other. Hence, it is responsible for locking and unlocking the doors remotely. In addition, sometimes drivers can customize functions which add specific qualities to the device.

The first PKE mechanism was developed in Germany in the 1990s. Soon after Mercedes-Benz started massively using the technology in its automobiles. Nowadays, the keyless entry system (keyless entry system blog) has a great demand on the market and its capabilities vary from one manufacturer to another.

Why my doors didn’t lock automatically?

Imagine you just parked your car and got out of it but noticed that the vehicle was not locked automatically. Maybe you wonder why the Keyless Go system didn’t work properly and how you can fix it.

First of all, remember that if the Passive Locking function is active, it will lock the doors several seconds later you leave the vehicle. However, there are several cases when this may not work as imagined.

  • Passive locking is not turned on – make sure that this option is not disabled. Otherwise, you can’t benefit from the above-mentioned advantages. You can easily change the status from the menu.
  • Doors or a trunk are not closed – if every component is not closed, the machine will not be able to lock the vehicle.
  • The vehicle is not turned off – make sure to turn off the engine as soon as you park your car. If you forget to do so, the automatic lock won’t work.
  • You left the key fob in a car – a key fob should not be in a car. Always remember to have it with you and don’t leave it inside when you leave.

These are the most common situations when customers have difficulty locking their cars automatically. Follow the instructions and you will never come across such issues in the future. 

What if the Key Fob runs out of battery?

Comfortable driving is what we all love, but sometimes everything doesn’t go as planned. The key fob may lose battery and it will not be possible to connect to the car remotely. Even though you may feel disappointed there is always a way out. Take a look at the steps below to find the solution.

  1. Check the key fob and find a button on the side. As soon as you press it, this will give you access to a mechanical key.
  2. Locate a slot on the door handle.
  3. Insert the key, turn it clockwise and open a door mechanically.
  4. To start the engine, place the fob in a key pocket, step on a brake pedal and push the Start/Stop button.
  5. At first, it turns the dashboard on, and then the car will start. Ready to go.

You are right! Doing everything with a single finger touch using KeylessGo is way much easier, but this is a rare occasion in which you should know how to act. 

Leaving a fob inside a car

Riding a car is becoming more pleasant and relaxing every day. Manufacturers try to add new aspects to their vehicles to make them more appealing to customers. Opening a door, controlling windows and even starting an engine all without touching keys are comfortable and fun. But maybe this question has already crossed your mind: what if I accidentally locked the fob in the car? 

Don’t worry, nobody wants you to think about it after your beautiful day. Once the doors are closed, the system checks for RKE gadgets inside and outside of the vehicle. If it detects the fob inside, the mechanism instantly unlocks all the doors. Plus, it uses a horn several times to warn you that keys are inside. Therefore, it is practically impossible to forget the RKE fob.

The main challenge for Keyless Go – Security and the solution

New technologies are always fun to try out. It makes our life smoother and that’s why we can’t wait till the new gadgets appear on the store shelves. As technologies are constantly developing and life is becoming increasingly wireless, this raises the risk level as well.

As data reveals, In 2020, 93% of stolen cars had a Keyless Go system. Keyless car theft (Our Blokpost Link) became common. It requires two people who intercept the signal between the fob and the vehicle with a special repeater (signal amplifier link) tool. One person stands next to your car, while another is near your house to get the signal from your key. As soon as the radio wave is detected, they can drive the car without a problem. Moreover, in most cases, it’s extremely difficult for police to track and find the people responsible

Hence, even though keyless entry is a great technology, it increases the chances of stealing cars. Every driver with such a mechanism should take additional steps to secure their cars from thieves. 

How to protect your car from thieves?

Do you have a car which has a remote entry function and you worry about being stolen? Then, this is the right article to read, because we have a perfect solution for you. 

Secure FOB is an ultimate security system created for keyless cars. It is suitable for all vehicles and stands out with its easy DIY (Do It Yourself) quick installation. This tool contains a motion chip which allows only you to unlock the car and makes any theft attempt unsuccessful. It blocks any signals from transmitting unless the motion is detected. Plus, it improves the battery life of your key fob as it doesn’t need to work continuously. The great news is that Secure FOB is available online. You can find out  more about this product and purchase your preferable protector for your car.


All in all, KeylessGo is an amazing option that all car producers include in their vehicles to guarantee our comfort. As much as it’s comfortable, some security issues are inevitable. Our world is becoming technologically more advanced than ever before. It, of course, creates new opportunities and comfort. However, some try to benefit from it and use their achievements against other people. Thanks to tech companies, there is a solution to protect our cars and fully enjoy driving.

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