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Protecting key fob –All you need to know

Protecting key fob –All you need to know

Protecting key fob is essential to consider in any situation. Owning it indicates that you are responsible for a particular physical object. It can be a car, computer system, building, network service or other kinds of systems. Let’s focus on automobiles with a keyless entry system. Different from manual locks it is considered more comfortable and convenient because it allows you remote access. Moreover, it is meant to be a more secure option when it comes to protection. However, in recent years vehicle-related crime has grown dramatically. As it seems, the main factor is carelessness with the key fobs. So, it is vital to ensure its safety,  if you do not want to become the next target. 

Let’s get started with the definitions of the fob, what it is and what is its working principle. Next, we move to the discussion of  Key Fob Protection and review a lot of tips and tricks which are extremely helpful in this case. Keep on reading to learn more about the piece of modern technology and keep in mind that it needs another layer of protection to be beneficial for you. Remember it should serve you, not be used against you. 

What is a key fob?

key fob is a compact and programmable device that controls a keyless entry system. It belongs to the physical hardware tokens. Frequently Offered forms are smart cards, proximity cards and keyless entry fobs. What is the basic principle of working? It contains RFID – a short-range radio transmitter/radio frequency identification chip and antenna. When the owner presses a button, communication between receiver and fob happens immediately. The chip inside the fob is always programmed for the particular receiver. The receiver in an automobile and chip in the fob should be a hundred percent match to perform locking and unlocking commands. Besides major commands, fobs are often programmed to perform more than just those functions. Those fobs can serve the following functions: starting the ignition, rolling down the windows, opening the sunroof, mirror folding, etc. 

According to Consumer Reports, it’s fantastic when manufacturers offer advanced technologies, but it can be frustrating if the owner is unaware of the sequence of the buttons. So, if you want to avoid such problems and enjoy the benefits, I suggest you read the owner’s manual carefully, especially the part regarding your fob. It will give you a clear picture of the functions.

Besides searching for hidden features, having keyless technology is also associated with an increased crime rate. To put it simply, criminals found a way to break into modern automobiles with the help of unethical devices. They don’t even need your fob for stealing your auto.

The latest model cars – Victims of the crime 

 Cars are becoming smarter, however more and more of them are becoming the victim of hackers. It seems that manufacturers failed to keep their vehicles safe. We get comfort and convenience from the functions they offer, but face issues related to safety. The vulnerabilities of the key fob make it difficult to protect keyless entry in most models. Among them are the most influential brands. It’s hard to imagine, but testing of Subaru and Tesla showed that they are among the automobiles which are vulnerable to theft.

 An American-Japanese multinational cyber security software company, Trend Micro tells about Electronics designer Tom Wimmenhove, who discovered a weakness in the key fob system, manufactures use for Subaru automobiles. The main problem with the key is the code it sends which is meant to be random, but it is predictable. Hacking is possible with the help of an unethical device that costs only 25 dollars.

According to the Threat Post, Belgian researchers discovered that one of the Tesla models is possible to hack with the help of hacking the key fob. It should be noted that Tesla is one of the most expensive automobiles on the market. However, it is not the only exception. Many famous carmakers like Volkswagen and  Chevrolet can become victims.

As for Audi, BMW, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz, all of them have motion sensors for their keys, which disables them when they are not in motion. Deactivating those keys is very helpful for avoiding attacks. 

There is still more to do in the automotive industry to acknowledge the problem and work harder to improve security measures. High-tech automobiles are very desirable for customers but safety is not less important. Manufacturers should not forget it at any rate. The more advanced technologies become the more we expect from them.  

Consider keeping your key smartly

Protecting key fob is essential for avoiding criminals’ attacks. There are various recommendations to consider and rules for keeping it correctly. For example, experts suggest that before taking additional measures it’s vital to rethink where you leave the key when you sleep. Leaving it near the front door is not a good decision. The best option is to put it by your bedside at night. You just make sure that this place is not close to windows. This is where Key Fob Protection starts. 

Another cost-free method is wrapping the key fob in a small piece of aluminum foil. It is a little strange but it works if you are looking for budget-friendly options. 

You should defend your key not only from attack but you should also ensure that it will not damage accidentally. Some owners throw them in drawers inattentively, which can cause damage to it.

Tools for protecting key fob

The most popular way of stealing your automobile is signal boosting. Thieves use unethical devices to do it and make the automobile think that the key is nearby. How to protect keyless entry? -The key strategy of doing it is blocking signals from reaching it. There are several ways to do it. Online markets are filled with cheap options which will help you. Faraday bag or pouch is made of flexible metallic fabric. They are typically used to block remote wiping or alteration of wireless devices. They create an electro-magnetic barrier that stops signals from getting in or out of it.

Keep in mind that the above-mentioned methods can work, but the best is to use several methods in combination to get the best protection. Additionally, what’s more important, be attentive and don’t leave your valuables in the automobile, it makes your property more attractive to criminals. Don’t give them additional motive to break in, find a more reliable place for precious items. 

That’s not all. Get ready! In the following paragraph, I would like to talk about an innovative electronic chip which is a high-tech solution for protecting key fob.

The best solution against key fob attacks

If you are thinking about the best alternative while buying anti-theft devices, consider picking the latest piece of technology – a Secure FOB that is designed not only for Key Fob Protection, but also to benefit you in various ways. 

A Secure FOB is an electronic chip that is installed in the key fob and covers the battery from both sides and with a motion sensor detects the motion to turn the fob on/off. The chip will disconnect the battery after 3 minutes of being motionless, so it doesn’t send radio waves without a necessity. It consists of a 3D motion sensor, LED indicator, microprocessor, and flexible base.

What is the main purpose of this extraordinary chip? To prevent a relay attack when you are resting at home or shopping in the mall, just moving the key is enough to make it active and enjoy its amazing benefits. Yes, it has several other benefits such as the ability to extend the battery’s lifespan. You probably have experienced how painful and inconvenient the battery drain is when you have a busy schedule. This invention will also solve this problem once and forever.  


Thus, you get comprehensive information on how to Protect keyless entry from attackers and damage. Taking extra measures is not an exaggeration. It’s all about taking care of your property. The more you guard your automobile, the better you sleep. No matter how desirable an automobile you own, any of them is prone to be attacked. It’s impossible to predict it. So, the choice is yours. Enjoy the piece of modern technology in any field of your life and purchase the quality goods. Why not?

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