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The pros and cons of Keyless entry car

The pros and cons of Keyless entry car

Keyless entry car is becoming more and more common nowadays. Advance technology embedded in modern cars allows owners to enjoy all the benefits it can offer. Needless to say, those automobiles make life comfortable and convenient. However, everything has two sides and it is not an exception. If you are going to buy the one, you should know what challenges you may come across,  when it comes to possessing this automobile. The fact that it may have downsides does not automatically mean that you should refuse to use this feature. You just need to be informed in advance and search for the best solution to overcome the challenges you may face.

Let’s start and discuss all the advantages and disadvantages related to the keyless car. Keep on reading to know more about it, it will help to make an informed decision at any rate.  

What is a keyless entry car

It is a modern car with an advanced system, which removes the necessity of a physical key. Instead of the physical key, there is a fob that locks and unlocks doors. All without even handling it. It does not matter whether it is in your bag or pocket. We use the same fob to start the engine.

How does it work? There is wireless communication between the fobs and the automobiles. A remote has a radio transmitter that sends radio frequency signals to the receiver in the vehicle. The fob must be in the range of 5-20 meters.  The keyless ignition works in the same way.

It should be noted that the key fobs serve other “secret” functions, which makes it easier to manage various automobile functions effortlessly. It can open or close windows and roofs, fold your mirrors, and open your trunk. In some minivans, it is possible to open/close power sliding doors remotely. Some fobs also have a panic button that activates the alarm.

If your automobile does not have this feature, aftermarket installation is possible. All you need to do is choose the right kit and let professionals do it. 

After the above-mentioned description of the keyless entry auto, it’s hard to believe that we need to talk about a bitter controversy over this feature. Believe it or not, despite technological advancement, manufacturers need to make an effort to offer a flawless system.


It’s not surprising how beneficial those vehicles can be. They offer convenience and comfort, security and automatic locking features. Those are enough to appreciate those models. Let’s explain the advantages in detail.

Convenience and comfort

What can be more satisfying than avoiding using a physical key when you have both hands busy? All you need is to be in the proper range and have a keychain with you. So, forget the struggle of inserting the conventional key into the keyhole. 

Sitting in the automobile is more comfortable than ever. In most cases, you can enjoy the hidden functions of the keychain. With a combination of buttons, you can lower the windows, fold the mirrors, or open your trunk.

Improved security

Keyless auto allows you to enjoy advanced security, which was not available in traditional automobiles. In old times, thieves could steal your key, make a copy and steal your vehicle. Now, your automobile requires unique authorization codes which are only embedded in fobs. Once the transponder is programmed for one automobile, it can’t be reprogrammed for another. 

Another good news is the elimination of the risk of hotwiring. Hotwiring was a common method of picking the auto. So, the improvement of security lies in the fact that authorized access finished all types of theft that were related to the conventional locking system.

Automatic locking feature

The latest models have an auto-locking feature. It means that as soon as you walk away, your automobile will be locked automatically. So, it is extremely beneficial when you struggle to remember whether you locked it or not. 


As we mentioned before, talking about the downsizes when it comes to such advanced technology sounds strange. However, the fact is that we should admit certain problems that we may encounter. 


 The flaws in the development of keyless entry car is the reason why owners face security issues. On one hand, new technology stopped the old ways of stealing an automobile, but on the other hand, it has become the inspiration for developing the high-tech method of theft. To put it simply, hackers use special gadgets to trick vehicles into thinking that their fobs are close by even when they are not.


Having an electronic lock system means that you should expect increased replacement and repair costs. When something breaks down you need to interfere with electricity and need to replace it. The same happens when it comes to reprogramming fobs. 


NHTSA is talking about dangers with automobiles that have this feature. Some drivers forget to shut off the engine and leave them active. It increases the chance of poisoning the environment.

Keyless car – Top 10  

Every automaker chooses different names for this feature, for example, Mercedes call it keyless Go, and it’s Advanced Key for Audi. Autobytel names the top 10 automobiles that have this feature. What makes them special? Let’s review them and answer this question. Here is the list:

Nissan Versa. An affordable and attractive model with keyless entry. Nissan calls it Intelligent key. It is available in three trims: S, SV and SR.  However, the feature comes standard on the Versa SL.

Jeep Renegade is a subcompact SUV and the most comfortable and stylish model. In North America, the Renegade is sold in Sport, Latitude, Altitude, Limited and Trailhawk trim levels.  All models other than the base Sport model offer optional features such as passive entry with push-button start.

Toyota Tacoma is a compact truck from a Japanese manufacturer. It is one of the most popular models sold in America. It has become more desirable after releasing the 2016 year model with improvement. Toyota calls it SmartKey. It comes as a standard on 2016 Tacoma TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road and Limited models with automatic transmissions. 

Mazda MX-5 Miata is a lightweight 2-seat roadster sport automobile from Japanese automaker  Mazda. The feature comes as standard equipment on all automatic Miatas.

Chevrolet Malibu– is a great option when you are searching for a family-friendly model. The 2016 year model is more desirable because it comes with an advanced electronic lock. It comes a standard on every trim level.

Toyota Prius is one of the first models, which allowed starting the automobile with a press of a button. Toyota has modernized the Prius for 2016, so SmartKey comes as a standard feature. 

Kia Sedona is a good minivan. New Sedona has luxury and high-tech features. Among them is a keyless entry with pushbutton ignition. It is not on the  L and LX models, but it comes as a standard on EX, SX and SX-L versions. 

Dodge Durango is a mid-size sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by Dodge, the feature is standard equipment on all Dodge Durangos.

Ford F-150 is a light truck manufactured by Ford. Keyless entry and ignition comes as standard equipment on all of the top-end F-150 models, including the Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum and Limited versions.

Audi A4 is a line of luxury automobiles produced since 1994 by the German manufacturer Audi, a subsidiary of the parent company, Volkswagen group. Not surprisingly, the feature is standard with other luxury features on the model.

Protect your keyless entry auto

As we mentioned before one of the most painful drawbacks of this technology is vulnerability to theft. Firstly it seemed that those automobiles aimed to be the most resilient, but it is obvious that criminals do not spend time in idleness. They developed a way to snatch automobiles with relay attacks. It is a technique when two thieves take over fobs and receivers in the automobile wirelessly, with the help of special unethical gadgets. So they trick the automobile into thinking that the owner is nearby.

To tell the truth, automakers work to improve their security measures of the keyless auto , they improve security systems or offer solutions. You can find tons of suggestions on the internet for prevention. However, most of them are not as reliable as you expect. If you are searching for the best protection solution, let me tell you about it in detail. 

A Secure FOB is a powerful solution against the signal extender. It is an electronic chip that covers the battery from both sides, when motionless, the chip will disconnect the battery to make sure that it doesn’t send radio waves without a necessity. Protector is designed to avoid the use of unethical devices and prevent theft. It consists of a 3D motion sensor, LED indicator, microprocessor, and flexible base.


So, you already know all the pros and cons of a keyless entry car. It is one of the great achievements in the automotive industry. Just keep in mind that there are some difficulties you may come across. However, if you are going to buy one of the models, just be ready to ensure security and unleash the full potential of your brand new automobile.

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