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Top 7 ways to Blocking car key signal

Top 7 ways to Blocking car key signal

Blocking car key signal is the subject of discussion among owners of automobiles with keyless entry.  After revealing the dangers of relay attacks, a modern technique of stealing the automobile without the keys, finding a reasonable protection solution is a number one priority for all drivers who care for the safety of their property.

There is a wide range of solutions. The point is that not all of them are effective. If you surf the internet and try to find the one that really works you may get confused easily. To put it simply, you get a particular suggestion, but it would be very subjective. What does it mean? Most suggestions are based on personal opinions. Needless to say, it is impossible to be completely free from influences, but I promise that our guide will be as impartial as possible and it will fully represent all methods with their advantages and flaws. 

Keep on reading to get comprehensive information about blocking key fob signal. That will help you to make an informed decision and take all risks into account when it comes to protecting your property.

Blocking car key signal – who needs it?

If you own a car with a conventional key, you do not relate. That’s normal. You need to think about it if you own an automobile with keyless entry. The latest statistics showed that stealing automobiles without keys takes several minutes and it was never as effortless as it is today. Criminals employ various techniques but the most popular is manipulating signals coming from the fob to their advantage. 

You may ask, can I become the target? Or is my auto vulnerable to theft? I can assure you that there are no criteria that make you more or less prone to being the victim. Criminals can choose you to be the target randomly. The only thing that is in your hands is to strengthen the security measures and discourage criminals as long as it is possible. The point is how much do you need? 

Numbers of research showed that some models are more vulnerable than others. Some carmakers produce models with an embedded system that is resilient to keyless crime.  Thatcham’s research revealed insecure brands where they take13 different makers and examine them. The study showed that automakers are doing their best, but some of them should do more. Richard Billyeald, Chief Technical Officer says: “The number of carmakers now offering Relay Attack counter-measures with new vehicles is steadily increasing and should be applauded. However, all new cars with keyless systems ought to have a solution to this long-standing vulnerability in place.” Some models passed the test without difficulties. Those models are the followings: 

  • The BMW X6 M50d,
  • BMW 218i Gran Coupe M Sport,
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport D150, 
  • Mini EV, 
  • Porsche Taycan, 
  • Škoda Superb 
  • Toyota Supra. 

What do those automakers do differently? Some manufacturers use motion sensor technology, as it seems it works for the owner’s advantage in terms of better protection. For example, what car? tested keyless models and they conclude that motion sensor technology really works and makes some models less vulnerable. Those were: Audi TT RS Roadster BMW X3 xDrive20i M Sport (2018 model), Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 140 ST-Line X Mercedes A-Class A220 AMG Line.

Despite the above mentioned, experts suggest that the motion sensor fob is only a short-term fix. It is not the final answer to the criminal who keeps an eye on your property. 

Types of keyless theft

There are different techniques thieves employ to steal your car. All of them will show the importance of key fob blocking. Some of them are the followings:

Relaying – Also known as a two-thief attack. They have a wireless transmitter, one of them stands close to the owner’s front door or windows and tries to catch the signal coming from the fob and relay it to the second thief who stands close to the target. As a result, the vehicle is tricked into thinking that the fob is nearby.

Jamming – Criminals use a special electronic tool, which is available online. owners believe that they lock their automobile however those transmitters interfere and prevent it from locking.

Programming – Another problem with electronically controlled automobiles is that hackers can mess with the onboard diagnostic port, plug the device and program the blank key. 

App hacking – Connecting automobiles with smartphones is another modern feature, that allows hackers to gain control of your phone and therefore access to the app. Guessing passwords is not a big deal for them. 

Top 7

7. Family-friendly solution

One of the most common suggestions for blocking car key signal is to store them well. When it comes to a free solution, the first thing that comes to your mind can be storing them in the fridge or microwave. That is the suggestion you can read on the internet. They are free options but to be honest, those can be dangerous for the fob, so make sure that manufacturers produce your fob in a way that it doesn’t melt in the microwave or freeze and will not be damaging for it. 

6. Aluminum tin foil 

Another common suggestion is wrapping fobs in the tin foil.  The point is that it doesn’t completely block the signal, because the material lacks density. Another issue with that strategy is that it’s so inconvenient to use the fob when you wrap it in the foil. you may look strange. 

5. Aluminum tin can

The same effect has an aluminum box, when you get back home you can put it in it, it works as a signal blocker. as it is a homemade solution it is hard to have it everywhere you go. 

4. Faraday bag 

Many automotive experts suggest those pouches for blocking key fob signal. It is an inexpensive tool and does the same as foil, but of course, it looks more serious and is more reliable. However, some research indicates that the pouch is not as reliable as you believe. The thing is you should test them before you use them and it can be tiresome. Thatcham’s chief technical officer Richard Billyeald says: We have tested a few of the pouches and the ones we’ve assessed have worked, but we can’t guarantee they all will. Some pouches have two pockets, for example, only one of which will block signals, while there are so many on the market it’s simply not possible for us to test them all.”

3. A wallet

RFID wallet functions the same, it is more compact, and it fits right into the palm of your hand. The challenges are the same as in the case of the above-mentioned alternatives. When you are going to purchase it, you should make sure that it is tested.

2. Deactivation 

Deactivation of the key fob is a good way for preventing your keyless automobile from getting stolen. The point is how much you want to quit this feature. Read your owner’s manual to find out if it is possible with your model. You can ask your dealer if switching off is possible. If you have trouble doing it, ask professionals to help you. Disabling this feature prevents you from thinking about key fob blocking.

1. A Secure FOB

If you are searching for the leading tool with flawless performance, an innovative and unique chip is here to ensure blocking car key signal. The electronicchip covers the battery from both sides and deactivates the fobs after the 3 minutes of being motionless. When motionless, the chip will disconnect the battery to make sure that it doesn’t send radio waves without a necessity. So, it is the best signal blocker you can find on the market. 

What makes it special? It is tested and compatible with all models. A protector is more beneficial than you think. You can enjoy additional benefits, for example, it can solve the battery issues. The chip can extend your battery life significantly. 


All in all, you know the importance of blocking key fob signal, if you are a driver of a keyless automobile. you have to choose between two: trust your luck or take security measures that will be foolproof. Those kinds of theft damage you morally and financially. It is hard to prove that you are a victim because criminals do not need to use violent methods for intrusion. So, police may think that you are committing insurance fraud. Choose the anti-theft tool that really works. Asa result, you will feel safe anywhere, wherever you are, resting at home, shopping at the mall or just sitting in a restaurant. What are you waiting for, buy the superior product for key fob blocking now!

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