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What does a keyless case do?

What does a keyless case do?

A keyless case is a case that covers your smart key and protects it from physical damage. Inside the cover, there is a battery and transmitter that emit signals to unlock your vehicle. Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system it is possible to activate keyless go (our blogpost link) and remote entry technologies in a car. It uses radio frequencies to establish a connection between an RFID tag and a receiver device.

The case itself is usually entirely closed from all sides to maintain its durability. Moreover, to make them more appealing to every customer, (depending on the manufacturer) the surface can be made of plastic, leather, silicone or aluminium. In order to maintain comfort, the materials are resilient and make your drive even more amusing. In addition, you can also choose your favourite colour and design. So, you have an opportunity to have your very own and unique case for your keys. Even though you may love your old key fob, sometimes you need to upgrade it with the new one. 

How to change the shell?

Changing the shell for your keys is easy – all you need to replace your original car key cover is an old remote and a new case. Follow these steps for the replacement process:

  1. Remove a ring from the key fob;
  2. Insert a flat object (for example coin, flat screwdriver or knife) into the recess. Gently twist it to open the parts of the remote key body;
  3. Once you open the key fob, simply transfer the original circuit board, battery and buttons to the new shell. Please note that some manufacturers also include micro boards. So, do NOT forget any element and transfer all the components to the new case;
  4. Once everything is in place, snap the case parts together and that’s all.

Even though you may love your old shell, sometimes it’s necessary to upgrade it. Please take into consideration that each car producer may have a slightly different structure, however, the idea and the process are still the same. Do you think that it is time to change your Car Key Case Cover? Now you know how it works. 

What is a remote entry system?

Remote entry (blog post link is a modern system that enables drivers to access their cars remotely. Using this technology, you can unlock the vehicles without holding a key in your hands. Depending on the car manufacturer, one finger touch on the door handle or pressing a small button next to the car door is enough to activate keyless go. To make it possible you only need to have the key fob within the range (in a wallet, pocket or bag). So, if your new car has a keyless go system, keeping your keys undamaged definitely is your priority.

As car manufacturers try to make our rides more comfortable. Every year they equip new vehicles with keyless go and remote ignition technologies. More and more cars have remote entry systems nowadays and a key fob is becoming an essential part to unlock and drive your car.  A key fob protector case is a universal option to protect your fob. It makes sure that keys are 100% secure from damage and also last longer.

The keyless Go system is, without doubt, an amazing technology that makes our everyday life and driving experience amusing. And our key fobs have a huge role in the process. However, it is not always the safest option and you can easily become a victim of fraud. The truth is that new cars with remote entry systems are extremely insecure and you have to know what issues they have and how to protect yourself from possible relay attacks.

What flaws do the keyless go system have?

Unlocking a vehicle, opening doors and even starting an engine without your keys really does sound cool, but the question is – how safe it is? Before we discuss what flaws the system has, we should take a look at how it works. The keyless entry mechanism uses radio magnetic waves to communicate between a key fob and a car. Keys constantly emit signals, which go toward the automobile. Once the vehicle detects the proper waves, it believes that the key fob is close enough and unlocks the whole vehicle. 

Hackers studied this remote entry technology in depth and came across an easy but successful way to break into your car within seconds. Even if you have a keyless case, it doesn’t protect you from fraud. A shell can be a good solution for your key fob against physical damage, but thieves use a different type of device – a signal amplifier (blogpost link). It has two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. Therefore, usually, two or more people are involved in the stealing (relay theft link). One usually has a signal extender in hands and stands near your key fob. As soon as he receives the signal from your keys, an amplifier extends the range of the signal and sends it toward the car. Another hacker is next to your car waiting to receive the proper magnetic waves. As soon as he gets it, your vehicle is unlocked and they can drive it away anytime they want. 

Hence, in this ever-developing technological era, new ideas face new challenges. car key cover is sometimes effective protection against severe scratches or physical damage but is not a universal solution. The case doesn’t prevent RFID or magnetic signal from spreading. As a result, thieves steal thousands of our vehicles every single day. That’s why car manufacturers, as well as tech companies, are working on the best solution.

What is the solution to car thieves?

A keyless protector (Link to our main page) is the best preventive solution against car thieves. It uses advanced technologies to guarantee your security. The protector is a tiny chip that is installed around the battery inside the key fob. It contains a motion sensor and allows signals to emit only when it is in motion. So, compare to a Car Key Case Cover (that physically protects a key fob) the keyless protector blocks transmitting any radio magnetic waves from a key fob. As the chip doesn’t let the key fob emit the radio signals, it is impossible for car thieves to remotely interfere with your waves and steal your vehicle. Due to the fact that it is essential for the technology to detect motion to transmit signals, you can enjoy your time with your friends or sleep without worrying about stealing your cars.

Moreover, the keyless protector doesn’t limit your comfort. You can still benefit from keyless go or remote ignition technologies without any additional things to worry about. Plus, you don’t need to carry anything extra like a key fob protector case to feel protected. This universal system takes care of everything for you.

In addition, the Secure FOB improves battery usage for your key fob. The secret behind this is that it stops the fob to export signals, which allows your battery to last longer. Plus, if you can change the battery of your key, you will easily install a small chip on your own without the need of others. You can find out more (blogpost links) about the protector and discover all its advantages through the official website (homepage).

As you can see, the Secure FOB is fairly considered to be the BEST available option to protect your car. Thanks to the manufacturer you can take a look and easily purchase (link of our online shop) one for yourself. 


The keyless case is a well-designed protecting shell that protects key fobs from scratches and physical damage. However, it is completely ineffective against modern challenges and relay attacks. Using a simple two-part device, that extends the radio magnetic signals hackers can easily access and steal your car within seconds. To fix the existing flaws the Secure FOB was invented. It uses modern technologies to protect our vehicles. This little chip has a motion sensor that activates the key fob only when the fob is in motion. Hence, hackers cannot receive and interfere with any of your waves. Therefore, your car is always secure from relay attacks. Thanks to the new technologies and fortunately for all of us the Secure FOB is available for everyone. You buy it from the official website.

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