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What I need to know about the keyless entry system

What I need to know about the keyless entry system

The keyless entry system is a modern technology that is associated with comfort and convenience. It appeared in the last decade and became standard for modern cars. Needless to say, the system is very beneficial for all, because it substitutes the traditional key and makes our life more comfortable. Every piece of technology is somehow related to particular issues. Sometimes we have to sacrifice something to get particular benefits. So we have to learn how to get the most out of modern technology. It is absolutely possible if we try to learn more about them. It will allow us to be aware of any problem and search for the best solutions. So, do you want to know more about the keyless car entry system? How does it work? Can you install it yourself? What are the challenges you come across? I’m sure you want to get answers to those questions.

So, let’s take a closer look at the above-mentioned topic, I promise it will satisfy your curiosity at any rate. Keep on reading to find out all you need to know. 

What is the keyless entry system?

It is an electronic lock that controls access to a building or vehicle without using a traditional mechanical key. The system consists of a remote controller, also called a key fob and a receiver inside the car. They communicate wirelessly and make it possible to open or close it even with the key in the pocket. The system contains a radio transmitter which must be around 5-20 meters distance to function. There are two variations of this system: Active and passive. As for the active system, it sends a signal to the receiver and doesn’t need a response signal from the key to disarm, different from a passive system. Most modern automobiles come with this technology as a standard or optional. Some owners install it in older models.

Remote keyless systems are popular not only among automobile manufacturers but it is also widely used for commercial and private purposes. Those systems are extremely useful for companies, their employees use fobs, code or cards. They are programmed to give them access to the office building. Hence, business owners enjoy advanced safety, comfort and convenience. Moreover,  they can always make changes to the system, so they can gain control of everything and improve the safety of their property.

Similarly, those security systems gain popularity among house and apartment owners. As an owner, you can enjoy a safe home and also get a convenient and time-saving option for accessing your property. You can forget problems related to the mechanical key which can easily be stolen or lost.

Why are remote entry systems beneficial for my car?

Firstly and most importantly it’s all about convenience and comfort. Nowadays we are all seeking them everywhere, so automobiles are not an exception. Hence, in 1989 the feature gained widespread availability in the United states on General motors vehicles. So people began realizing how comfortable and secure this feature was. Key fob provides additional protection, it is programmed only for your automobile, without the fob, thieves can’t snatch it. Apart from that, the automobile is locked automatically as soon as you leave the range of it. Additionally, you don’t have to worry if the key is left in the automobile, it doesn’t get accidentally locked. 

So, everyone agrees on the benefits it offers to every owner. Hence, people want to buy this system for their older automobiles, which do not offer it as a standard.

 The automotive market offers a universal remote for your automobile that can substitute your factory key. It can be very cost-effective and relieves the pain of losing your original key. It is a very convenient and user-friendly product that can save time and energy in extreme situations.

Can I install a keyless entry system in my old car?

Yes, you can. If your automobile is not blessed with this feature, you can still provide it. The point is to think twice before you decide to do it yourself. Some automotive experts claim that installation is not an easy process. Firstly, you should identify the wiring system because it is different for each maker and model. Secondly, prepare them and make connections properly. 

Picking the right tools is also worth considering. It depends mainly on the system, but mostly you should need: a wire cutter, electrical tape, clamps, harnesses and soldering iron. 

Be extremely cautious when you decide to work with an electrical system. Make sure you read the manual carefully and learn more about the system you are going to work with. 

How to choose a keyless car entry system properly

Choosing the right system is not an easy task. The most important thing is to make sure it will work for your automobile. So, if you want to choose it wisely, consider the following recommendations:

Do your research. Before making the final decision, read reviews and learn more about the manufacturer. Price is not the most important criterion,  it’s vital to compare the length of warranties. To put it simply, make an informed decision.

Choose the relevant product. Firstly, make sure to choose the right product, not all systems are compatible with your automobile. Secondly, think in advance about the options you want to get. For example, some systems come with an alarm system, some don’t.  

Should I worry about the safety of my keyless entry system?

In the beginning, the adoption of RKE decreased the number of thefts in the ’90s and it seemed that technology solved the problem of stolen automobiles. One of the main goals of manufacturers was ensuring safety. However, recently, technology has opened a new way for joyriding in some places thanks to the inattentiveness of owners. Yes, you should be careful with your key fob if you don’t want to become the next victim

Criminals can hack your automobile in 2 minutes when you are shopping at the mall, eating at a restaurant or sleeping in the house. How do they manage it? They do that with the help of your key fob without even touching it. The type of automobile theft, also known as relay attack, is the most popular and simple method for offenders. Thieves use a special device, called signal amplifiers, it gets signals from the fob and relays to the automobile. As a result that makes automobiles think that the key is nearby.

So, remote keyless systems can be used against you, if you do not take safety measures as soon as possible. In the following paragraph, I will talk about the prevention of this kind of attack

How to protect my automobile from possible attacks?

The golden rule to prevent relay attacks is to use your common sense and act accordingly. To put it simply, it means considering the following tips:

  • Check twice that the automobile is locked. 
  • Keep keys properly.
  • Keep a close eye on your neighborhood and identify a suspicious situation as long as it is possible.
  • Use a garage for parking. If you do not have one, choose a well-lit place.

Besides those tips, you may hear about physical barriers you can use, like using steering wheel locks, however many automotive experts report that they are effective until a professional thief confirms that they are not. Moreover, you can use special boxes and wallets for blocking signals coming from the key fob. I agree that it may be a good solution but not the best one when it comes to comfort and convenience. 

How to ensure the safety of my keyless automobile

If you are looking for an innovative protector for your key fob, let me introduce to you the convenient and compact electronic chip – Secure FOB, which doesn’t only meet but also exceeds your expectations at any rate. All you need to do is install it in the key fob and it will only activate a fob whenever you move it. Chip covers the battery from both sides.  It consists of a 3D motion sensor, LED indicator, microprocessor, and flexible base. As for the working principle, it deactivates the key fob after 3 minutes of being motionless. Chip is fighting against the Keyless Extender which is a widely used unethical device for attacks. 

So, the chip will benefit you in various ways. We offer you a premium-quality product for your automobiles and trucks. The chip allows you to save your battery’s life. Many people report unexpected battery drain,  so it allows you to extend its lifespan.


Thus you get all the necessary information about the keyless entry system. This is a piece of modern technology for the latest model automobiles. I’m sure you do not want to let criminals use this technology against you. So, start thinking about it as soon as possible. Choose the right products for your auto to ensure both comfort and guaranteed safety. In case of further questions, contact the support team.

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